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What is the key to a successful SEO strategy in 2016? Put the user first.

User-Centric: the key to SEO success in 2016

Using front-end frameworks come with all sorts of side effects if used incorrectly. This post looks into the pros and cons of using Bootstrap but is also applicable to other frameworks. Nice simple educational read.

I’ve always wanted to travel and work for some time, but been wondering if it’s just a fantasy or could become a reality. If you’re like me, the amazing Joyce Grace shares her journey as a she traveled the world while freelancing as a WordPress developer. Definetly worth the read!

Jon Dobrowolski published a very interesting article about how he writes User Stories for his team, what it has done for them, and how to make sure it works in other teams.

Comic: How browsers market themsleves

A very nice comic by Dave Rupert, about how each web browser wants to be seen.

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